Olde World Finish

Olde World Aging — A1 on Character Cherry

Olde World Finish

Olde World Aging — B2 on Character Cherry Planked Top

Wire Brushed Finish

Wire Brushed on Soft Maple

Surface Treatments

Olde World Aging

Our Olde World Aging process invigorates our furniture, revealing facets that normally take a hundred years to create.

You may order A, B, or C level Olde World Aging on any of our standard woods. Select any of the stain colors that are standard on those woods or one of the Opaque Premium colors that are approved for other woods (see the Olde World samples). Example, you could ask us for Level A Olde World Aging on Soft Maple with Bourbon stain and no wax. You would just need to add 25% to the soft maple price for that item. Our Olde World samples are all made of Character Cherry, which we feel is best suited for the technique because of the natural character it offers including open knots, small cracks, and other “imperfections” that help us mimic natural aging. Some of the Olde World colors are only available on character cherry or premium grade cherry. See the back of the samples at your local dealer.

All up-charges are to be added to the base price of the item, in the wood of your choice. You don’t need to add the markup to any additional options. Each stain color we offer in the appropriate wood is included in the Olde World options. So, even if the color you choose is a premium color you will only be charged the Olde World Aging fee.

A level example A LEVEL AGING
A level aging includes hand planing, which creates an uneven surface and various other textures unique to each piece of wood adding remarkable character, worm holes, faux cracks, tasteful dents, and time worn edges.

A level upcharges     No Wax (A2) add 25%     With wax and buffing (A1) add 30%
B level example B LEVEL AGING
B level aging is a less obtrusive aging process. Level B includes all of level A with the exception of hand planing. The surface remains level, but the process still features worm holes, faux cracks, tasteful dents and time worn edges.

B level upcharges      No Wax (B2) add 20%      With wax and buffing (B1) add 25%
C level example C LEVEL AGING
C level aging consists only of a few time worn edges, and on the appropriate opaque colors will also feature our “rub through” which mimics an older finish showing through the paint in the age worn areas of each item.

C level upcharges      No Wax (C2) add 15%      With wax and buffing (C1) add 20%
D level example D LEVEL
D level is really just the premium color seen on the Olde World samples. With the exception of the glaze we add to the base color, there is no other aging process applied to the furniture on this level. Some colors are only available on Cherry or Character Cherry and others are available on all woods. Please refer to each sample to see if your color choice is available on your wood of choice.

D level upcharges      No Wax (D2) add 10%      With wax and buffing (D1) add 15%


Wire Brushed

Distressing with a wire brush reveals the unique wood grain of your piece, highlighting the enchantment obtained from synthesizing weathered wood with refined design. When you order the Wire Brushed Option, we apply our 5 Degree sheen varnish. Available on all woods.



As the name implies, this scalloped, wavy look on wood is laboriously arrived at by a craftsman’s expert hands and finely calibrated tools. Think of it as handscaping on fine wood. Available on top surfaces only. Priced per square foot. Not available on Oak, Quartersawn White Oak or Hickory.


Lower Sheen Varnishes

Unless otherwise specified, our furniture is finished with our standard 35 degree sheen varnish. We also offer the following two lower sheens.

20 Degree Sheen    Add 5%
5 Degree Sheen (matte)    Add 5%

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