Many Styles. One Standard.

Amish isn’t a style. It’s a standard of excellence - desired by many and practiced by a very rare few. It’s in the fine details of solid wood drawers, hand-finished, inside and out. It’s in the skill of genuine Simply Amish craftsmen, passed down from on generation to the next. But most of all, it’s in the beauty of America’s richest hardwoods, hand-finished in a thousand different styles - from country pie safes that are the hallmark of Americana to contemporary designs that say, “Move over Herman Miller, the Amish are in the house.”


When we say “custom-built” we mean it. At Simply Amish, you choose the wood, the stain and every other element that goes into making your selection unique. We don’t start construction until we receive your order. From that point forward, your furniture is tracked by your name, so that each craftsman knows the person they’re building for.

Power Sander

Lifetime Guarantee

Our promise is simple. If your furniture fails during normal household use in the lifetime of the original owner due to problems in either the workmanship or material, we’ll repair or replace it for free, with the following exceptions:
Cabinet lights, as well as all finishes, fabrics and leather* are warrantied for one year; the moving parts in our desk chairs, recliners, wall beds, and sleeper sofas are warrantied for three years; and, while we fully appreciate the beauty of unfinished furniture, we are unable to extend our warranty to any furniture that’s not protected by our exceptional finish.

Luxurious Finishes

Over 150 possible wood and stain combinations to choose from. Our dining table tops get three coats of post-catalyzed varnish, making them resistant to water, alcohol, and nail polish. The undersides of our dining tables are finished to prevent snags on clothing and to seal the wood to prevent warping and cracking.

Table Finish

High Quality Drawer Boxes

Drawers take a lot of abuse as you open and close them almost daily. All of our drawer boxes are constructed of 5/8" thick solid hardwood (we use Maple drawers in furniture constructed in Cherry, Maple and Walnut and we use Oak drawers in the rest of the wood species). Our drawer boxes are dovetailed front and back and the drawer bottom is inserted into a groove to form a captive bottom after all 5 pieces are glued and compressed together. Each drawer is then sanded and finished smooth with our varnish to preserve its natural beauty and ensure a lifetime of worry-free operation.

blum smart slides

Exceptional drawers require exceptional hardware. That’s why our drawers feature heavy-duty slides that allow the drawer to fully extend. The slides are fully enclosed and mounted from below, creating an unobstructed view of our solid dovetail construction. SmartSlides also feature an advanced mechanism that prevents slamming by soft-closing each drawer when it reaches a few inches from the cabinet.

Undermount Slides

Custom Hardware Option

Because everyone is different we understand that our selection may not be your first choice so we offer a wide selection of custom hardware to choose from or provide your own.

Soft-Close Hinges

Like our SmartSlides, our titanium finish, soft-close hinges provide a smooth, silent matter how hard the door is closed. Our concealed, soft-close hinges now come standard on all cabinet doors.

Soft-Close Hinge

More Leaves Than a Forest

Sure, you can always add an extra leaf later. But you can save a whole lot of time and money by ordering all your leaves up front, when it’s easier to shape, fit and sand them to match the rest of your table. After all, you’re going to be enjoying your Simply Amish table for a long, long time. And just like your waistline, your family is bound to expand.

Butterfly, drop leaf, in-table storage — you name it, and we offer it, giving you great options for expanding your table when you need extra room, and storing your leaves when you don’t.

ball-bearing slides

Standard on all tables, unless otherwise noted. Our sturdy built ball-bearing slides, custom made for us in Germany, provide years of smooth reliable operation. These top of the line slides come with our lifetime warranty, affording you, the original owner, protection against defects of materials or craftsmanship.

Ball-Bearing Slide

Spectacular Surface Treatments

Olde World Aging, Rough Sawn, Hand-Scraping, and more!

Our craftsmen create an aged surface that will arouse your senses, without compromising the structural integrity. Don't worry about that first ding. It's the least we can do.