SIMPLY AMISH OF Indianapolis

Simply Amish. Simply You.

Welcome to Simply Amish of Indianapolis — your boutique furniture store where all of our solid wood furniture is 100% American Made specifically for you. Our Craftsman take such pride in their work that they even go so far as to sign your unique piece of furniture. Our flagship store has been part of the Indianapolis community since 1994. We design and manufacture every style of furniture you can think of and if we do not have what you are looking for, we would be thrilled to design it — just for you.

Our Boutique furniture store and our story are truly Unique.

The Co-Founders were raised Amish and still have a number of Amish relatives working with us to craft the furniture piece of your dreams. All Amish furniture is not created equal. At Simply Amish we work with only the best craftsmen hand picked by the founders to build to the exact specifications of our unique designs.

A Visit to our store will quickly reveal the difference between Simply Amish furniture and the other options out there. Our goal at Simply Amish of Indianapolis is to give you the best value, service, and warranty your hard earned money can buy.

Kevin Kauffman, Owner and Co-Founder of Simply Amish.

Kevin was raised Amish but is now a member of the First Christian Church. He was raised in his dad’s woodworking shop and you could say he has sawdust in his veins, building things by hand from a very young age. While other kids were selling lemonade Kevin was building plant stands and other small items in the shop to sell for extra money. That started in 1979.

Fast forward a few years, Kevin has been involved in most of the designs that Simply Amish makes. He loves to work in special details in each design, sometimes that might be secret compartments or in some cases mixing different materials to make the designs unique. Kevin did not have a formal design education but he believes that allows him to be free a create designs that are outside the normal, which has proven to be a successful model.

Occasionally Kevin likes to take some time off from the normal day to day and go back to building something with his hands, his most recent projects include a custom designed ping pong table built out of bamboo and co-designed and co-built by his then 13 year old son Grant.

Owner and Co-Founder of Simply Amish, Kevin Kauffman

All Furniture is Not Created Equal

Are you tired of the Big Box Stores where your options are limited and you have to settle for what they have to offer even if it does not suit your needs or your specific style? We are the answer to everything Furniture and Home Decor Related. We are the Indianapolis furniture store that you must visit.

Our solid wood custom furniture offerings include everything from dining room, bedroom, entertainment, living room and even custom offices. We offer everything in Home Decor including Custom upholstery, Artwork, lighting, rugs and accessories.

Our associates and designers have extensive product knowledge and would be thrilled to work with you one on one. We make furniture design dreams come true, we do not just furnish homes, we create an atmosphere and design heirloom furniture that is meant to be handed down through generations.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!